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Amero Shotta crafted his career like a strategic game of Chess- carefully calculating each move two and three steps ahead of others. After starting his own independent label Money Flavor Ent, Amero Shotta undeniable style landed him to be called "one of the most creative artist out." Born into an unstable household, Amero and his younger sister were constantly uprooted moving from one home to another. By his junior year he was expelled from all Spalding county schools. Amero took a difference approach while attending alternative school, he read many books on the music business. Later after quitting school he partnered with a neighborhood friends to start their own record label, GNH Ent. Together the duo released Amero’s independent debut mixtape, “Da Slab I,” and created a small following with the local favorite “Choppa Fly. Realizing that he was more of an employee of the label than an actual business partner, he parted ways with his former best friend and went on to form M.F.E. After assembling a team of street promoters, consultants and producers, Amero Shotta and his network began releasing several projects.



2009 Da Slab I

2010 Apt H-4

2013 Thug Life

2013 Untouchable

2015 Writing On The Wall

2016 Saiyan Mode

2017 Spazin

2018 Demi God 6